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I Can Write A Book (10-Day Book Writing Challenge)
Set that Mindset Right
Day 0: Welcome and Introduction
Day 0: The Aspiring Author's Manifesto
Day 1: The 3 Wives (What-Why-Who)
Day 2: Plan-Declutter-Plan

Create A Smart Framework
Day 3: Chunk It Down
Day 4.1: Idea Catcher
Day 4.2: Name It

Its Action Time Baby
Day 5: Story Time
Day 6: Your Defining Moments
Day 7: Your 6 Stories That Sell
Day 8.1 Wordy Momentum

The People Who Make It Happen
Day 8: The Prompt Helper
Day 9: Whoo The Help

And Its A Wrap
Day 10: Bring It Home

Woohoo!! You did it and finally got through to the end! I have loved watching your progress and the journey has just begun! Now is the time to give all your hard work some good shape and form. I invite you to embark on the next steps to actually publishing your book and taking it out to the world who is eagerly waiting for your book baby! Please feel free to visit this link and book a session with me, using the code 'INVANTO50' and I will personally work with you to create your book blueprint. https://bookme.name/wantsolution/bigbookideaunpack I look forward to our chat! Cheers, Shilpa

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